TripShift is an automated CO2 tracker

which shows your carbon footprint
as you move

without the need to input lots of data.

Knowledge is power! TripShift is a clever little app that gives you unprecedented insight into the carbon you’re producing when you’re moving about, without you having to do a thing, and gives you suggestions and opportunities to make improvements to your habits and cancel out the carbon you’ve produced.

Read on for the Why’s and the Wherefore’s!



Climate change is a serious issue that affects us all.

We Have To Change.

Globally, transport accounts for around 20% of total carbon emissions.

Collectively we need to drastically reduce the level of additional carbon being created by manmade activity if we are to achieve the target of carbonal neutrality by 2050.

Technology alone will not be able to solve the problem. We also need to change our behaviour in order to reduce the amount of carbon we each generate.


We all need to change our behaviour.
Whether it’s …

Taking the bike instead of the car …

Carpooling with friends instead of driving alone …

Taking a train or a green bus on your daily commutes …

Or trading in your gas-guzzler for an electric car.

Our normal travel patterns have been disrupted beyond belief by the Coronavirus pandemic leading to unprecedented short-term reductions in carbon emissions.

A glimpse into what our future must look like. Massively reducing our emissions by switching our daily journeys to become more sustainable.

Meet TripShift.

The app immediately starts to intelligently track your movement and modes of transport, and allocates the correct carbon emissions.

The Footprint screen shows you your total movement-related carbon emissions for the day.

The Movement screen breaks down your different modes of transport by day / month or year.

The Move Better screen shows a map of your daily travel, the modes of transport you used, and gives you suggestions on how to reduce your CO2 emissions by moving better.

There are multiple leaderboards where you can see how you are performing compared to everyone else.

Download the app today and join the TripShifters on a journey to a carbon neutral future!