1. What is TripShift?
Put simply TripShift is an app designed to automatically record your daily journeys, it will understand how you are travelling and will then be able to work out the amount of carbon emissions that was created as a result. The app will then suggest possible ways of reducing the amount of carbon by using a more sustainable route or mode of transport. The app will let’s you make the choices but keeps an accurate measure which you can also use to offset your carbon emissions.
2. Why did we create TripShift?
Most of us are aware of the impact that carbon is having on the climate crisis. As a result, the world needs to drastically reduce carbon emissions over the next 30 years as we target being carbon neutral by 2050. Many people are not aware that transport in all its forms accounts for about 25% of total global carbon emissions and have even less idea about how much carbon they actually create on their daily journeys. We need to decarbonise transport, technology will help but as individuals we will also need to move better and that is where TripShift will help people to change their behaviour.
3. What is our mission?
Simple – to help people understand, reduce and offset their journey related carbon emissions.
4. How does it work?
TripShift will use the GPS tracking technology to record your movement but then behind the scenes our technology will calculate not just where you are moving but how you are moving. Were you walking or in a car? Train or Bus? TripShift will be able to work that out and then calculate the carbon produced as a result. Over time our calculations will become even more accurate as the system starts to understand and catalogue your regular journeys.
5. Is my personal data safe and secure?
Totally. We protect and anonymise your data and we do not sell any personally identifiable data to third parties. You do need to create an account with us and give us permission on your smartphone for us to access your GPS position data but that is then anonymised and stored securely.